Biography and Bibliography

Prof. Nicoletta Maraschio

Nicoletta Maraschio is the president of the Accademia della Crusca. After being elected as a member in 1997 and appointed in the same year as Vice president she became the first woman in 2008 to be elected president and to lead the Academy which was founded in 1582. A full professor since 1995 she has been teaching courses on the history of the Italian language at the University of Florence. Prof. Maraschio has carried out research on different periods and topics of the history of the Italian language, ranging from the language of Boccaccio, Alberti and Salviati to the spoken language of the sixteenth century, from the evolution of the Italian graphic system to the means of mass communication (cinema, radio, and television). Since the 1970s she has conducted research in the Academy’s Center of Italian Grammar with its journal Studi di Grammatica Italiana. She has directed this center, as well as the Institute of Theory and Technique of Juridical Information (ITTIG). She is the president of CLIEO, Center of Historical and Theoretical Linguistics of Italian, European and Oriental languages, in cooperation with a number of academic departments in Florence, the Academy, the Opera del Vocabolario (OVI). Prof. Maraschio has been a visiting professor at several European and American universities, among them the Italian Academy at Columbia University, Queens College, and the Graduate Center, City University of New York.

Among her recent publications are

  • Trattati di Fonetica del Cinquecento. Firenze: Accademia della Crusca, 1992.
  • “Grafia e Ortografia: Evoluzione e Codificazione.” Serianni, Luca, and Piero Trifone, cur. Storia della lingua italiana, I. Torino: Einaudi, 1993.
  • “Gli Italiani Trasmessi: la Radio.” La Crusca per Voi. Firenze: 1994.
  • “La Gramatica Toscana Inedita di Benedetto Varchi.” L’Accademia della Crusca per Giovanni Nencioni. Firenze: Le Lettere, 2002.
  • “L’Italiano Parlato nell’Europa del Cinquecento.” Eteroglossia e plurilinguismo letterario. Roma: il Calamo, 2002.
  • Italia Linguistica Anno 1000 – Italia Linguistica Anno 2000. Atti del Congresso SLI. Roma: Bulzoni, 2003.
  • “L’Europa e la Questione Linguistica.Democrazia e diritto. 2004.
  • La radio .” Gli Italiani e la Lingua. Palermo: Sellerio, 2005.
  • Firenze e la Lingua Italiana tra Nazione e Europa. Firenze: Florence University Press, 2007.

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